Remember growing up watching movies like The Parent Trap and wishing your parents sent you away to summer camp so you too could go live off in the woods for a few months? Immediately upon walking into Woods Boss it’s like my childhood dreams became a reality. Woods Boss Brewing is what happens when an Ex Camp Counselor and an Eagle Scout join forces together to bring their passion for brewing and the great outdoors together and it works.

This 5 month old brewery fully embraces their woodsy, outdoorsy theme, so it is no surprise that it has quickly become a favorite among Coloradans. Embodying two of our favorite things, nature and craft beer, you automatically feel at home when you are immersed in this wood lovers paradise. The whole space is beautifully done. When you first walk in your gaze is immediately drawn to the massive long glossy wood bar. The shiny veneer beckons you to sit down and place some delicious nectar on its surface. Your eyes are then drawn to the wooden planks that provide the backdrop for the huge metal silhouette of the Woods Boss sign which is nestled along a intricate tree line. The contrast of the dark metal against the light wood makes this backdrop a photographers dream, but also helps the rest of us look “artsy” as we snap photos of our beer for Untappd and the Gram. Situated on either side, amongst the the hand crafted wooden tap handles are the direction posts showcasing which beers they currently have on tap. Instead of pointing the way to which camp cabin you’ll be bunking in, they help point the way to which beer you should start your journey off with.

It is exciting to see a great selection of different styles available, because it allows them to truly offer something for everyone. While they knocked it out of the park with their New England Style IPA’s, their other beers were equally as tasty. With an astounding 18 beers on tap, ranging from their Blackberry and Mango Kettle Sour or their Pink Peppercorn Saison, they have a beer for every taste. What adds a nice touch, is the fact that they also offer a Gluten Free IPA for those poor individuals that are gluten intolerant but still want to enjoy beer, as well as a Kombucha and Root Beer option for those that don’t feel like drinking but still want to go out with their friends. No one is left out at Woods Boss, so you can bring your gluten free girlfriend, your granny that doesn’t drink, your hop head best friend, and your beer newbie coworker and everyone will be happy!

Woods Boss throughly represents the pure awesomeness of the state it chose to call home. From the quirky yellow floor to the beautiful red brick walls, it showcases the hip “up and coming” vibe of the Five Points Neighborhood. Paired with the abundance of luxurious wood throughout the space, starting with the entryway and moving to the tables made from tree trunks it is the epitome of all that Coloradans hold dear. This brewery definitely makes the list of top places to visit in the Denver Metro area.

Speaking of beer; Sylvia, the Double NE style IPA was hands down the favorite in my book. Coming in at a solid 9% with 73 IBUS it definitely packs a punch. However, they used 250 pounds of rolled oats which gives it the silkiest, creamy mouthful. With the tropical notes of Pineapple and Citrus, this beer really is dreamy. The hops are pronounced but not overpowering. Everything works together in this fantastic liquid. This beer embodies everything I would want in a NE style IPA. Be warned, Sylvia goes down easy so make sure you’ve got your ride situation figured out well before hand, so you can indulge in this heavenly nectar.

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