Platt Park Brewing is what I think of when I want to go grab a beer and I am looking for  that “neighborhood bar” (brewery) feel. No there is nothing “hyped” about Platt Park Brewing, and they don’t give in to only following the latest beer trends, but rather they are a solid brewery that you can always count on for putting out great and consistent beers.


When you first walk in, you immediately feel at home amidst the abundance of recycled wood sourced from a family farm in Kansas. Right away you notice the love for our gorgeous home state of Colorado, as you are surrounded my multiple decor focal points that pay homage to this great state. From the beautifully lit picture of Red Rocks, to the large wooden Colorado Flag, theres no denying you have stepped into a true Colorado brewery. You will be pleasantly surprised at the ample space this brewery has to offer. Several high top bar tables towards the front are the perfect spot for social gatherings or date nights, as it is definitely more lively the closer you get to the bar. The larger space towards that back has sizable tables, that can be used for business meetings or to accommodate larger parties. On my most recent visit, I saw two work colleagues set up shop, computers and all, to get some work done while sipping a delicious brew, as well as two separate parties using Platt Park Brewery as a meeting place to go over a potential business proposal. The dual space is so unique, in that it supplies different settings to fulfill the various desires of it patrons. Tying the whole picture together are the multiple sweeping windows, that allow you to catch a glimpse into the brewing area. So you can see the very kettles that houses the beer you are currently sipping on.


The one contrast to the rustic, Colorado feel of this place, is the bright television screen, which uses Digital Pour to showcase their current offerings. Illuminated by soft purple lighting, you can get a surplus of information regarding their available beers.  What is distinctive about Platt Park’s decision to invest in the use of Digital Pour, is that not only does it give you useful information such as ABV and IBU’s, but it goes beyond this, by showing other tidbits such as the style of glass the beer is served in, the color of the beer, and how much of the keg is remaining. So for instance, if there are  multiple beers you are keen to try, you can see if any are in danger of running out and begin with those. Digital Pour also rotates Twitter and Untapped reviews, so it is a fun way to engage the customers while they are currently there. It is kind of nerdy and cool to rate your Tropical Snow Dance IPA on Untapped and have it flash across the screen for other patrons to see. Another great marketing tool Digital Pour utilizes is their “Tapping Soon” feature to show upcoming beers that Platt Park has on the docket. So when you see a beer that piques your interest coming soon, such as the Watermelon Berliner, you are already planning your next trip ASAP so you can get back and try it. It is a great way to get repeat customers coming back to the establishment sooner rather than later.


Now I know you’re wondering about the beer, and no you won’t find ten different New England style IPA’s on the menu, and you also won’t find a bunch of different pastry stouts. You will however find a wide variety of styles ranging from their most popular Tropical Snow Dance, which is an excellent example of a hop forward West Coast IPA to their Gump’s Vienna Lager, which they took home a Silver medal for at GABF in 2014, only a year after opening. Sure occasionally they dance on the edge, like with the Maple and Brown Sugar Pop Tart Porter, or with Heaven in Hogsmeade which was a Salted Caramel Cream Ale, but for the most part you can find good true examples of regular old beer styles.


One of the beers that is a favorite in my book is their flagship Cream Ale Madagascar Dream. This is a smooth, creamy organic Madagascar Vanilla Bean Cream Ale that comes in at a whopping 6.9%. Yea sure compared to Barrel Aged Stouts that doesn’t seem that high, but for something that is as smooth and easy drinking as Madagascar Dream, this beer can be blissfully dangerous. Three pints of this bad boy can go down in the blink of an eye, and before you know it you’re craving tacos and wondering if it’s a good idea to start texting your ex. The Nitro paired with the Vanilla gives this beer the creamiest mouthfeel, and as corny as it sounds, this beer really is a Vanilla dream. I for one cannot stop into Platt Park without ordering at least one.

Another beer that keeps me coming back for more, is a tasty little beverage they only produce throughout the summer, and I anxiously await its return every year. Their Watermelon Berliner Weisse is probably one of my favorite Berliner’s out there. This beer is the ideal summer beer; light, tart, and refreshing, it comes in only at 3.8% so it is absolutely crushable on a hot Denver summer day. It brings a mouth puckering tartness that is reminiscent of a Watermelon Jolly Rancher, and has you looking like the War Head kick as your cheeks pucker in when you sip this tart treat. This beer embodies everything I love about a sessionable, summer beer, and I am beyond excited that the season is almost upon us for it’s anticipated release. If you make it to Platt Park during the summer months this beer is an absolute must try!


So if you are looking for a local brewery in an adorable, quaint little neighborhood that is Platt Park, head over to Platt Park Brewing. You will be served by the friendliest staff, as you enjoy a plethora of great beers, and soak in the vibe of all that is Colorado.

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