The Welton Room: The Art of the Craft Cocktail

The Bar Setup at The Welton Room

When I first watched Downtown Craft’s Vlog on The Welton Room I was completely blown away by the intricacy and complexity of the craft cocktails I saw him consume. So when Champ, one of the owners and creative geniuses behind the bar, invited me down for a drink, you can only imagine my delight and excitement to experience these amazing concoctions for myself!

Co Owner Champ working his magic

The location is in the lobby of The Lydian Apartment complex in the heart of the quirky Five Points neighborhood. I can honestly say that it is a good thing I do not live in these apartments because it would be all too easy to go here daily for a nightcap, a pregame cocktail, an after work drink…really I could find any excuse to pop in here and I’m telling you it could become a problem. The space is bright and inviting. It has modern, swanky decor that makes me wish I had the interior designing sense to model my house after. One of the key elements I most enjoyed was the array of lovely fresh flower arrangements creating the perfect ambiance for my drinking pleasure.

Come on in..

Once you arrive the show begins. The amount of detail that goes into the process of perfectly curating each individual drink is like that of a surgeon performing surgery. Each component is thoughtfully placed in the exact space that Champ deems proper. The end result are drinks that are almost too pretty to drink. Key word, almost… The presentation of each cocktail goes way beyond the drink themselves. There are no bar napkins here. Drinks are meticulously served on their own proper coasters of marble and stone. Add to that the edition of rose petals, coffee beans, and dried flowers, each drink is presented as liquid art. From start to finish coming here is more than just having a cocktail, it is an adventure designed to stimulate your senses and awaken your curiosity.

Meticulously placed

Another aspect that makes the Welton Room really unique and stand out from other craft cocktail bars is their use of Liquid Nitrogen. Not only are the results visually stunning, but what surprised me was the way the Nitrogen was able to bring out the vibrance of the aromas in the ingredients used. The invigorating smell of Basil was as if you were lounging in a herb garden while the warm summer breeze envelops you in basil heaven…Sorry, not sorry but I really get excited about Basil. Or the citrus from the orange was as if you held a freshly peeled rind directly to your nose and took a big whiff.

Liquid Nitrogen in Aladdin’s Negroni

What really stood out to me, besides the obvious creativity, was the freshness of the ingredients. The Cotton Candy Martini with Watermelon tasted like a freshly juiced melon; juicy and sweet. The Green Global tasted as if the Basil they used had just been picked from the stem moments earlier. The Espresso Martini was made with freshly pressed shots of espresso instead of a coffee imitation liqueur. The outcome of only using the best ingredients means that the flavors you get are real and have layers of depth to add. We have all had mixed drinks that are overly sweet or have a slight artificial taste. You will find nothing of the sort at The Welton Room, and this is one of the many reasons that will keep me coming back again and again.

Espresso Martini

I am so grateful Champ and his wonderful business associates invited me down to the Welton Room for this one of a kind experience. If you are looking for artistry, extravagance, or something out of the ordinary I highly recommend you stop in here and try them for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

Green Global ~ Gin, Green Grapes, Basil, & Lime
Strawberry Fields Gin & Tonic ~ Strawberry, Rosemary, Lemon, Fresh Cracked Pepper
Aladdin Negroni ~ Mezcal, Campari, Sweet Vermouth, & Orange Cloud
(Left) Bae And Her Gin ~ Gin, Vanilla Cream, Orange Water, Lemon, Lime, & Egg White.
(Right) Lychee Lovely ~ Vodka, Lychee, Cranberry, Lemon, & Egg White.

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