Burning Can, Lyons CO

Oh Burning Can...This is seriously one of my favorite beer festivals of the year. Every year Oskar Blues hosts Burning Can the first weekend of June in the tiny little town of Lyons, Colorado. When Burning Can arrives its almost as if this is THE beer festival that kicks off the season and lets you... Continue Reading →

Platt Park Brewing Company, Denver CO

Platt Park Brewing is what I think of when I want to go grab a beer and I am looking for  that "neighborhood bar" (brewery) feel. No there is nothing "hyped" about Platt Park Brewing, and they don't give in to only following the latest beer trends, but rather they are a solid brewery that... Continue Reading →

New Image Brewing, Arvada CO

New Image Brewing is located just outside of Denver in Old Town Arvada. Upon entering this quaint little town, you pass an old train station and you automatically feel like you're transported back to the old Wild West. But then you turn the corner and see New Image Brewing looking modern and inviting and you... Continue Reading →

Woods Boss Brewing, Denver CO

Remember growing up watching movies like The Parent Trap and wishing your parents sent you away to summer camp so you too could go live off in the woods for a few months? Immediately upon walking into Woods Boss it's like my childhood dreams became a reality. Woods Boss Brewing is what happens when an... Continue Reading →

Cerebral Brewing, Denver CO

When you walk into Cerebral Brewing, you are automatically transported into the cool 8th Grade Science Class you grew up wishing you were a part of. Surrounded by bookcases, manuscripts, and a life-sized skeleton named Mr. Bones, you can't help but expect to see beakers bubbling with exotic potions, or a crazy haired mad scientist... Continue Reading →

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