The town of Rincón is situated on Puerto Rico’s western coast and is known as where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. Rincón is also legendary for some of the best surfing the island has to offer. And the visually stunning beaches bring people back again and again. But I want to share some of the lesser known gems Rincón has to offer…for instance Rincón Beer Co, a local hot spot for craft beers and great ambiance. Or perhaps one of the numerous amazing beachfront restaurants to enjoy a meal. With so much to offer its no wonder every weekend tourists and locals alike flock here to enjoy some well deserved relaxation and entertainment.

Rincón Beer Co

Rincón Beer Co was our first stop when we arrived in Puerto Rico and boy was it a good one. Thursday nights there is an art/street festival in the town square, so local vendors set up booths to sell their wares, and there is a live band as well. Everyone is hanging out and having a good time, and it’s no surprise the party spills into Rincón Beer Co, which happens to be right across the street. When we were there they had a live Saxophone player that was absolutely killing it with the music. You could tell this was the hangout spot for a lot of regulars because the staff appeared to know many of the patrons. And I get it, if I lived in Rincón I would probably be here all the time as well. They had a great selection of craft beers available, showcasing many Puerto Rican beers, as well as some craft options from around the country. Naturally I had to have some local brews, and was very pleased with the Del Oeste IPA and the Ocean Lab Tamarindo Gose. My travel companions all got flights, and they were enjoyed the variety they experienced as well. Definitely a great place to hangout if you are craving some delicious brews and energetic ambiance.

After you drink all the beer you will probably have worked up an appetite, which means it’s time to visit Tamboo. This is a cute bar/restaurant that is overlooking the beach! My suggestion would be to come here either during the day or close to sunset to get the full effect. Although, we came at night for dinner and still very much enjoyed the reflection of the moonlight on the ocean. The food and cocktails here are top notch! This was my first time ordering a whole fish, and I will admit I was a bit nervous; but this whole fried Red Snapped ended up being one of my favorite dishes on the island! It’s meat was succulent and moist, with the lightest, crispest skin. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t planning on ordering this whenever I see it on a menu again! The rice and beans were fantastic as well, but make sure to come hungry as this meal could have easily fed two! Tamboo turns into a bar atmosphere after 10pm. Around that time a live DJ starts, and people begin filtering in who you can tell were ready to start dancing! If you are looking for some fun nightlife I would check this out because would wouldn’t want to have a few drinks and dance the night away while overlooking the ocean! I am sure it is a great time and a fantastic memory!

Whole Fried Red Snapper

And of course, if you are curious where to stay I would recommend our resort Rincon of the Seas Grand Caribbean. They had an amazing open concept lobby which overlooked the pool and grounds and it pretty special to hear the Coqui Frogs welcoming us as we arrived to check in. For those that don’t know, the Coqui is a frog native to Puerto Rico and they are named such as the sound they make sounds like “CO-KEE”. Our first night we ate dinner at the Hotel restaurant and I very much enjoyed my first taste of Mofongo. They had a formal menu for their restaurant as well as a poolside menu, so you have various options depending on how you’re feeling! I can honestly say that my first taste of the Puerto Rican light lager: Medalla at the Green Flash Pool Bar after a long day of travel was quite heavenly! One thing that surprised me was that people were partying at the pool until 10pm. I will admit I was a little jealous I did not partake but if you are looking for a little fun, I think this is a great option! Let’s be real, who doesn’t want to hang at the pool at night, listening to live music and having a few cocktails! Genius.


I am so glad we got to experience Rincón, and would 100% say it was worth the drive to get here. For a smaller town it was full of life and energy, and you can tell people come here to enjoy themselves and have a great time! So whether you want to surf some righteous waves, dance until your feet hurt, or just enjoy some craft beers and delicious meals; Rincón is a must stop for your Puerto Rican adventure!

Medalla at The Green Flash Bar

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