When I think back to our culinary adventures we had with Aruba Tourism I can’t help but think we were truly blessed with an amazing time. From delicious fresh fruit Açaí bowls on the Beach, to romantic dinners with our feet in the ocean. Each experience was wonderfully different and unique though shared the common theme of incorporating the ocean. Given that Aruba is a rather small island, this should come as no surprise that the ocean would be prevalent in our dining experiences, and it did not disappoint.

Mermaid Bowl from Eduardo’s Beach Shack

My favorite stop for breakfast to fuel me for an action packed day was Eduardo’s Beach Shack. Every time we visited this cute little beach shack located at Palm Beach it was completely packed with patrons. They offer a variety of fresh fruit Açaí bowls that were amazing, but also offer other options such as an Espresso Bar, Vegan Tacos, and Poké bowls. It is probably a good thing we were not staying closer because it would have been all too easy to want to eat here every meal of the day! They have a cute little shaded seating area to enjoy your bowls, but I mean, if I am mere steps from the ocean, you can bet I am going to plop myself down in the sand to admire the sea while I munch on my fresh and satiating Mermaid Bowl. It’s Aruba after all. In my opinion there is no better way to start your day!

Lunch at Zeerovers

If you are looking for an authentic and deliciously fresh lunch option then you have to make a stop at Zeerovers. This is a cash only establishment so make sure you have some dollars before you head there. The menu is simple but awesome; for your protein you have the option of Fish or Shrimp. Everything is caught that day, and if you don’t believe me just look at the fishing boats tied up out back still patrolled by hungry seagulls. You also have the option to add a few sides: fries, plantains, and cornbread. You buy your meal by the pound, or by pieces, so you can choose how hungry you are and go from there! Once your portion is weighed and paid for it is sent over to the chef for a few seasonings and then into the frier. I highly recommend while you wait for your meal you grab a bucket of ice cold beers to sip while you take in the ambiance. If you get lucky and the timing is right you can snag a seat out over the water. As you know I am obsessed with ambiance so to me you can’t beat eating fresh seafood while being surrounded by the amazing colors of the Caribbean sea. There is no silverware here, or at least we didn’t ask for any, so prepare to dig into your food like a glorious heathen. Don’t worry, there are plenty of paper towels and a sink to wash your hands when you are done. I had no problem with this and to be honest I don’t think too many others did either, as evident by the line of 50+ people waiting to order as we walked out. PRO TIP- do as we did and plan your meal here as more of a brunch and beat the crowds! We still probably had 10 or so people ahead of us but it was much better than the crowds waiting an hour later. Don’t get me wrong, I would still come here either way, but if you don’t mind eating a bit earlier why not wait a little less time…It just means you get to eat your delicious meal faster!

Red Snapper, Shrimp, Fries, & Plantains

If you are looking to have a nice romantic dinner on the beach then I cannot recommend Passions on the Beach enough. It is located at the Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort which we happened to be staying at. There were many couples dining here that were staying at other resorts but came here for dinner, which shows the quality of this restaurant and experience. You will definitely want to make a reservation and make sure it is around sunset so you can get the full experience of dining on an Aruban Beach at sunset. From the moment you walk down the wooden aisle lined with fire torches it screams romance. This would be a great option for a romantic dinner for two, however we saw plenty of families dining here as well.The service is impeccable, with the staff seemingly to know that you are ready to order before you yourself even know. They are on top of it here, and make you feel special and welcome. The food was fantastic. I opted for Ceviche to start and the most amazing dual fish meal as an entree, and finished almost every last bite. The Red Snapper special of the evening tasted as if it was encrusted in Coconut and it might have been my favorite Red Snapper of the trip! (And I ordered my fair share of Snapper while visiting Aruba!) The couple next to us ordered Steak and Lobster and were raving about their meal as well. I would say that Passions on the Beach checks all the boxes of everything you could want for a lovely Aruban Beach Dinner. You absolutely must add it to your list of places to try when visiting the island!

Passions on the Beach
Amazing Sunset @ Passions on the Bech

Ironically, one of my absolute favorite experiences of the trip is located right down the street from Zeerovers. The Flying Fishbone was truly a dining experience to remember, as you are seated overlooking the ocean with your feet literally in the water while you eat. I am speechless when I think about how amazing this dinner was. If you are looking for a romantic venue to share a meal with a loved one, look no further because this is it! The ambiance, the food, and the service were all exceptional. There is a great wine list, plenty of tasty cocktails, and abundance of locally inspired dishes to choose from. My seafood smorgasbord topped with a flavorful local curry was simply divine. A few things to remember when booking here. Naturally don’t forget to make a reservation as this restaurant was completely packed, and rightfully so. It should come as no surprise the most busy time is around sunset, so plan ahead and see what time that will be when you are in Aruba. Plan to arrive 20 min or so before sunset so you can get settled and have a nice cocktail to sip while you admire nature at its finest! And remember not all tables are in the water, so if you prefer not to get your feet wet opt for one in the sand. Or if you are like me and absolutely must have the full experience, make a reservation to ensure you get one of these prime tables!

Flying Fishbone

To be honest I don’t think you can go wrong wherever you choose to dine while visiting Aruba. As I mentioned, everything we tried was fresh and flavorful, and we barely scratched the surface of all that Aruba has to offer the culinary foodie! Each experience we had was so memorable that naturally I think you should take my advice when choosing where to dine; but I am sure if you explore on your own you will likely find your own hidden gems as well! Either way you will have an amazing time and eat delicious food when visiting the island. Thanks to Aruba Tourism for the experience of a lifetime!

Sunset @ The Flying Fishbone

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