Ok, so my time in Santa Fe, sadly, was brief; and I did focus on making sure to check out the craft beer scene, but I still was able to fit some of the other attractions into my 48 hours! Here are my recommendations of what to eat, drink, and do when visiting Santa Fe.

You absolutely must visit Canyon Road. This is an adorable little tree lined street that is home to a majority of the cities art galleries and shops. If you are looking to bring home some art or just want to wander and see a bunch of American style art pieces this is the street for you. I unknowingly went earlier in the morning before many of the galleries had opened, but luckily there was still plenty of architecture and art sculpture parks to be seen just walking the street! If you want to actually browse the galleries, don’t do what I did and go later in the day! I would actually recommend going midday, which will also allow you to grab a bite once you’ve exhausted yourself with all the shopping! It is a perfect day.

Canyon Road

Naturally if you hear Santa Fe, your mind automatically thinks of Meow Wolf, and there is a reason why! This interactive art exhibit really is something to behold! With neon colors, hidden passageways, and interactive experiences, I would say this is something you absolutely must see when you visit Santa Fe. I had a great time as a solo adventurer, but as I mentioned in my Youtube Vlog, it definitely would have been a completely different experience with a companion. There is so much to see that being able to discuss it with another person and get their take and perspective would be interesting. Either way, Meow Wolf needs to be on your list of things to do. And bonus, its very affordable and you could literally spend hours in there!!! And a second bonus is that they have a bar which is very cool, but it doesn’t open until the later afternoon, so keep that in mind. I was told to try their margarita which apparently had cotton candy on it and sounds amazing, but sadly I went before the bar was open. 😦 Next time I won’t miss it and you shouldn’t either!

For a more authentic Santa Fe vibe you can spend the afternoon taking a stroll around downtown Santa Fe. This is where you will find all the shops selling rugs, pots, and other traditional Santa Fe wares! The buildings are all made from iconic tan adobe and you literally feel as if you have stepped into an old Western film! If you are looking for a quick coffee stop as you see the sights and do some shopping you have to stop into North 35 for the best Lavender Latte I have ever had! The ladies here were so friendly and the space is so warm and welcoming making it the perfect spot to enjoy some caffeine and take a reprieve. If I lived in Santa Fe I think it is safe to say this would be a regular hangout for me. Their homemade lavender syrup had the perfect amount of Lavender flavor which I feel is very hard to accomplish, so kudos to them for nailing it. They had some very tasty looking pastries as well, and I believe were also making sandwiches, so a great idea if you are looking for a light lunch to fuel your wanders.

If you read my last blog post then you know there are plenty of breweries for you to visit in Santa Fe, but I have to revisit Second Street Brewing because the lunch I had there absolutely blew my mind. So we know that New Mexico loves their Green Chile, and the Green Chile burger is something you can find across the whole state. Of course they have events like Green Chile Burger battles, where restaurants battle to win the crown of Best Green Chile Burger for the year which obviously is a very prestigious award in this state! Second Street Brewing came up with their version: The Alien Burger, and it should come as no surprise that it is their best selling menu item. But this massive beast actually has placed first in the Burger battles! I had no idea what to expect when ordering this, and frankly I’m not the biggest burger fan, but I could not pass up the opportunity to try an award winning burger?!? OH MY GOD….This thing is delicious. It literally has every ingredient but the kitchen sink involved, but all of the flavors work seamlessly well together. A beef patty, salty crispy bacon, fresh guacamole, and a whole cheese stuffed Green Chile…Like What? You need to head over to my Instagram Story Highlight of Santa Fe, and enjoy the food porn or cheese oozing out of this beauty. This thing was massive, and I have to say I am depressed that I didn’t attempt to devour the whole thing in one sitting, because while the other was still OK for breakfast the next day, nothing can compare to how amazing it was fresh from the kitchen. Do yourself a favor, come hungry and eat the WHOLE DANG THING. It is so worth it.

Tamales, Green Chile, and Eggs

And you didn’t think I was going to come to Santa Fe and not get some authentic Green Chile and Tamales did you?? Posa’s Tamale Factory was my first stop upon arriving after a long drive and it did not disappoint! These Tamales and Green Chile are the real deal; no frills just deliciousness. Naturally I got Tamales and Eggs smothered in Green Chile and it was the perfect way to start the day. Naturally it also came with potatoes and beans on the side, and I honestly don’t think this plate could have been made any better! Coming from Colorado the Green Chile was a little different than what I am used to but so good. Whereas up here it is more of a stew, down there they really showcase the Chile and I loved every moment of it. It was the perfect consistency to saturate the potatoes and tamales and get that heat to make every bite pure perfection. My whole experience here was exactly what I was looking for; and you know they make bomb food when the space is brimming with locals. I highly suggest you put Posa’s Tamales high on your list when visiting Santa Fe!

One activity you need to make time for is a drive out to Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument. The drive is only an hour outside of Santa Fe and so worth the trek! Bring some tennis shoes so you can get a short hike in while you take in the beauty of nature! The hiking part is fairly easy (I did it in a dress and boots) but it would be more comfortable in proper attire! The natural corridors of layers of different colored rock are so awe inspiring and the cone shaped rock formations will ignite your wonder at the spectacle of nature. Around every bend there is another scene that will stimulate your senses. Honestly I could have spent hours longer here than I did because it was truly that beautiful! Make sure you give yourself enough time to explore throughly.

So there you have it. A quick trip to Santa Fe, but I still got quite a bit of exploring in, though I feel like I just barely scratched the surface. I can’t wait to come back (maybe in the warmer months) and check out the Margarita Trail, eat much more Green Chile, and learn more about the rich culture and history. Until then I hope you enjoyed! Cheers

2 responses to “Santa Fe, NM What to do!”

  1. asapthundacat Avatar

    This sounds like a very fun trip. I’d love to try both of those burgers. They both sound interesting delicious.


  2. Tom Avatar

    If you ever have a chance to go to Cloudcroft NM, there is an amazing BBQ place there called Mad Jack’s Mountaintop BBQ that is absolutely delicious! I’m not certain about the beer scene though haha


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